Cheetah Trikes, Inc.

The style, comfort, and high performance only a "Cheetah" can deliver!

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We have developed this high-mileage Cheetah Chopper SS with the
power of a small-block, to get up to 30 MPG.
 Call 812-256-9199.

For Sale: This Viper Red Cheetah Chopper SS is a 2008 model, with the 350 GM engine and a 4L60 Electronic four speed overdrive transmission, with 17,000 miles.  This Cheetah is loaded with options that would total $11,950. today.  In other words, today this Cheetah with these options would cost $41,950.  It has a throttle control on the left floorboard, that works in conjunction with the right hand throttle.  This is a private sale between the owner and the buyer.  The owner is asking $30,000.