Cheetah Trikes, Inc.

The style, comfort, and high performance only a "Cheetah" can deliver!

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We have developed this high-mileage Cheetah Chopper SS with the
power of a small-block, to get up to 30 MPG.
 Call 812-256-9199.

SOLD            2015 Cheetah Chopper SS with a 350/375,               SOLD
aluminum head small-Block Chevy.  Call 812-256-9199.


Perfect condition 2009 Road King.  With only 1,465 actual miles, it is like-new.  Call 812-256-9199
You can buy this bike for $15,000. (Half of its $30,511 Harley dealer invoice we will give buyer.)



2007 Big Bear Chopper "Mis Behavin". With only 1,980 miles, it has a Hidden Soft Tail Suspension.
SOLD  Call 812-256-9199 to get this bike for $15,000. 
 (About half of what they sold for new)  SOLD